Hong Kong -> Home

Rena and I have been in Hong Kong for a long time – almost over a month. Here, we have had a wonderful time together. But, hopefully, we can also get back to our homes soon with no more delay, airplane mechanical problems or else.

Besides, its sky high housing price and cramped space, Hong Kong is indeed a nice place to visit. Public transportation is everywhere, convenient and in-expensive. Food, with world-wide choices, is delicious. But, it remains pretty oriental – live chickens, fish, etc., in local street market, selling meat (cooked or un-cooked) without refrigeration, tea, and more tea with little coke or diet coke, etc.
At the crossing station of Loh Who (?) to China, on the China side, there is a restaurant where excellent food is served. The problem is, its relatively pricey menu coming with a pretty long waiting time to be served – generally, one hour or more. But, to me, it is worth at least once.
Hopefully, every where in mainland China will, one day, develop to be another Singapore, Hong Kong or Taiwan. It probably will take them, at least, another 50 years or more to do so, I believe.

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  1. After 14 hours direct flight from Hong Kong to Detroit and an additional 1 1/2 flight to Washington DC, Rena & I stuck on the road for 7 more hours due to heavy snow fall. We arrived at our home around 11:30 PM last night.

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