Land’s End.

I do most of my non-grocery shopping online. I just find it less frustrating, more time efficient and a great way to comparison shop. For most of our clothing and household textiles, from underwear to business suits – backpacks to towels, we shop the overstock pile at Land’s End. Because I’m always buying stuff on sale, none of the sheets match each other and Jeremy owns ten pairs of white boxer shorts with a totally hilarious ant print on them. We also tend to buy swimsuits in January and snowpants in June. Most of the time, the kids don’t even register that I’ve exchanged out old, worn, too small clothes with new ones, but the last shipment they saw these great fuzzy sweatshirts and both the kids loved and put them on right away and rolled around the floor with them on! They are both getting so big, I can almost wear the sweatshirts myself, the sleeves are just a few inches too short!


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