Military Bowl.


I got the chance to go to the Military Bowl at RFK stadium last week with a friend of mine who wanted some company sitting in the cold. I have never gone to a football game besides high school ones I went to over 20 years ago and my college was not known as a football powerhouse, so I missed out on being a fanatic fan of anything. I am actually so lame that I thought the Redskins were still playing at RFK, but apparently they moved to FedEx field over a decade ago.

The Military Bowl featured the match up of the Maryland Terps against the East Carolina Pirates and, honestly, I had never heard about East Carolina University before the game, but apparently they have enough people who have heard about them that a good number of them showed up to color to opposite side of RFK purple.

They had a very impressive pirate head which billowed purple smoke.


And after two weeks of bitter cold winds and temperatures, it was a surprisingly pleasant day and I throughly enjoyed the company and brushed up on my football rules and had nachos for lunch!


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