2010 …

2010 was over. However, 2010 was a most-traveled year for us , distance-wise. We were in Shanghai for over a month, in Hong Kong for less than 40 days and in Egypt for 10 days. While in Shanghai and Hong Kong, we took numerous side trips. It was fun. We also climbed the famous Huang Shan (Yellow Mountains) together.

Hopefully, our travel will pick up, or at least on the same level, for several more years to come. For instance, this Spring, we decide to drive all the way to the west in late March or early April. And we will be back in Fall, in October by driving also. I believe it will be our 5th and 6th times to drive across the country.
I like the countryside of Colorado a lot. Too bad, can’t have a small cottage there. It is just not too economical, too far away from anything and our driving range is decreasing daily :), almost stop nightly on unfamiliar routes. Besides, for us, easy-access to medical care is becoming more and more a necessity than ever before. When I was young, I was always dreaming of living in a remote picturistic countryside when getting old. My dream at that time, evidently, didn’t factor in that my old body sometimes needs all kinds of attention 🙂
On the way out to the west, this time, I would like to visit my siblings along the way, one in Chicago, one in Dallas, one in NM, and several in LA. Before, going to WA, of course, we would like to stop by in SF to see Donald.

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