Our Experience in Egypt just 3 Weeks Ago

Rena & I were in Egypt for 10 days just 3 weeks ago. We are not surprise at all that the current government is in trouble and the ordinary Egyptians are demanding to have a better government installed asap.

Therefore, I don’t quite understand that,with all our seasoned State Department fellows, we (the USA) can pursue such policies of ignoring what have been going-on daily in Egyptian streets, especially for their commoners.
It didn’t take us long to figure out that the status quo there was unsustainable. Public services which government should provide, were very rare and awfully inadequate. Something has to give …
Look at this National Museum, where the protests are raging nearby, it houses many priceless treasures. It was indeed in bad shape. All the exhibits inside are pretty disorganized. The front desk and security screening are jokes. Even the rest rooms are not free. Windows can’t be closed properly, etc, etc. I would say, it is in the same bad shape as our Martin Luther King Memorial in Atlanta several years ago.
We could tell a lot of Egyptians didn’t like Americans at all. For instance, Rena and I had a very bad experience with a hotel clerk once he discovered that we had American Passport. Based on what was going-on daily in his country three weeks ago and before, I was quite understandable. Even with that, I was furious.

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