Back from Ames.

Jeremy just got back from a business trip to Ames, Iowa. Not as exciting as Rio, but work can’t always be a day at the beach ;).

I wanted to post his talk about biofuels that he’s been working on for a while that he presented to a general audience at the university in Ames. It’s geared towards anyone who might have an interest in biofuels and does not skew too much into policy or analysis (which I can tell you – once Jeremy gets going on policy or analysis past 9:30 pm – is a great way for me to fall asleep at night and for him to be up for hours fretting about some work thing-y). Anyways, when Jeremy practiced this talk for me last week, I swear, I thought it was the best talk I’ve ever heard him give and I’ve been listening to all of his talks since late 1995 (the very first one was about statistical mechanics – really, there is no way to make a talk about statistical mechanics not soporific even if you’ve been only dating 6 months and really, really want to be a good audience).

Anyways, here it is, it’s kind of long. Doesn’t get started until the 13 minute mark or so.

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