Donald’s (INTERNET) Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Donald – from Mom, Dad, Jeremy, Doris, Vince, Edda & Denise.
Today, we decide to have an INTERNET Birthday Party for Donald. Mom prepares a lot of delicious food and harvests some flowers from our garden, I buy a cheese cake from Cheese Cake Factory which is one of Donald’s favorites. A birthday balloon, of course. Also, according to Chinese tradition, we seal a red envelop for Donald. Since Vince is sitting in for Donald, he and Edda get to share what is in it as well as those food, cake. Also, he proudly blows off the birthday candles for the second time in less than one month 🙂
Picture one – Mom, flowers, balloon and her new diamond necklace from her long time boy friend
Picture two – Two of the best are in front. the worst one is blocked in the back 🙂
Picture three – Jeremy shares the cake with Donald thru INTERNET
Picture four – Vince is blowing the birthday candles for Donald
We have a fun time together, physically or remotely. Again, Donald, Happy Birthday!

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