Having 2nd thoughts.

I think Edda’s been sleeping too much at school. I suspect it’s because of her seizure medication, although I can not be sure. She’s been sick more often this winter than previous winters – although I’m not sure what to blame that on. I’m a little bewildered about what to do with Edda these days. She simultaneously needs so much in terms of daily care and also demands so little from me in terms of almost everything else.

Vince enjoys pushing Edda all over Target that I often can’t find either of them. I’m a little worried because Vince isn’t a very good driver –


It’s curious that most of the photos of Edda outside of the house are at Target. Maybe we should expand our repertoire.


We’ve also gone backward in our technology direction – we subscribed to the PAPER! With actual newsprint smudging on your fingertips. Crazy.


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