Lucky Easter!

We had a really nice Easter vacation – I’ll start with the last thing and then work backwards. Here’s a nice family photo of us at the White House! Vince is trying to make Edda look at the camera.


We were lucky enough (!) to get tickets to the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House this year. Vince and Edda were actually not very interested in the actual rolling of eggs, so we focused on other activities on the White House lawn! I wore a borrowed bright yellow dress which made me feel fabulous 🙂

We met various cartoon celebrities… many photos, I will present only one for your enjoyment…


It was hot and Edda was asleep for a lot of the event, but she woke up long enough to shake hands with Michelle Obama. Lucky girl 😉 I know Ms. Obama looks a little concerned in this photo, but I only got off one shot with my camera and this was it – so there you go!


5 thoughts on “Lucky Easter!”

  1. AWESOME! I can't believe how grown up Edda is – what happened to our baby girls????!!! Hugs from Indiana!
    I hope to see you at the DC event in the fall!!!

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