Trip to CA.

Every year, Jeremy goes on a work retreat to CA. It always seems like a lot of fun, more fun than any work business trip I’ve ever been on. He got to bike from SF to the retreat spot in Mill Valley – over the Golden Gate bridge:


And got to be bartender and make everyone a drink that he learned to make while on another business trip to Rio.



Jeremy was gone the same week Vince was at his grandparents house. So it was just us girls, me, Edda, Denise and the two dogs at home. It was very quiet in the house without our two most prolific talkers. Edda and I enjoyed ourselves. Lots of time together. Of all the family members, Edda and I are the least likely to drink enough water, so we spent the week hydrating ourselves. Not very exciting, I know, but it needs to be done 😉 .

Happy to See Our Family Blog Again

By accident, I clicked on the wrong button. But, happy to see our family blog again here.

Fyi, I moved in the Expat Village provided by the owners here. My two bed-room apartment with a Study is facing the ocean, right across a marine drive along the coast. I would like to take a walk along the coast line somedays. Unfortunately, typhoon came last weekend – the wind was blowing and the waves were pretty high.

Working is becoming a daily routine with not too much up-and-downs. People here are pretty friendly with their own ways of doing things. Just like us, with our ways of doing things. Sometimes, they cross each others’. Well, I hope after I log-off, I still can see our blog when logging on again.