Took Edda to the orthodontist last week. I love Edda’s orthodontist. He is really sweet and has a nephew with Angelman syndrome and showed me the bite marks on his arm that he got when he was playing with his nephew over Memorial Day weekend. Ahhh, yes, we all know about getting bitten! Yeow! We go yearly to make sure that Edda’s teeth are coming in OK – this time he mentioned that he could fix Edda’s under-bite with a mouth guard-type thing that Edda would wear a couple of hours every day at home. No molds necessary. He had already successfully realigned his nephew’s jaw and said it worked really well, although he did mention that his newphew enjoyed chewing the appliance so much that he went through half a dozen of them. Interesting. I think we will go ahead and try this out and see if Edda minds having this plastic thing in her mouth for a few hours a day. Low risk – perhaps no underbite anymore!


It has been a week full of teeth issues – Maxi had a rotten molar. Apparently her mom did not bother with good prenatal care – Maxi just has bad, bad teeth. We got it yanked last Friday. Vince insisted that I bring home the rotten tooth – he took one look at it and said that I could throw it out. Thank goodness.


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