RIP Marty.

This weekend, Jeremy, Vince and Edda headed to NJ to attend Marty’s memorial service. He passed away a few weeks ago at 95. Marty is Jeremy’s paternal grandmother’s (Sylvia) sister’s husband – so Jeremy is actually not a blood relation to Marty, but we usually see him every year at the Martin Thanksgiving until two years ago when he was too frail to travel. Everyone flew/drove into a NJ beach town and the kids played on the beach. The service was more of a reminiscence, looking at old photos and telling stories.

For various reasons, I stayed home and I was a little worried about sending Jeremy with both Vince and Edda alone to the beach, but I shouldn’t have worried – Jeremy said that everyone helped out, carried Edda’s wheelchair and took naps with her, looked after both Vince (at the beach) and Edda (in the air conditioning) and Jeremy managed to have a lovely (and emotional) time.

I have some beach photos from Jeremy!




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