Weekend argument.


Sixteen years ago this week, Jeremy and I were falling in love with each other, but we had not yet told each other of this fact. There were a lot of trips between the third floor (Arnold lab) and the basement (Wang lab) of the Spalding building with lame excuses to say hello. I remember how I asked him to go to the fireworks with me (with a group of mutual friends) and he turned me down (!). I thought for sure he did not like me.

We had an argument last week which started one night and festered for a few days. It’s a standard division-of-labor argument that crops up every few months. With both of us working, we generally split the childcare/household chores 50/50 with each person choosing what they like doing. I generally like the decluttering/lawn mowing/appt making. Jeremy likes all things kitchen/car/large home projects. Anyways, our argument started when we each decided that the other person was “Taking ME for GRANTED!” Our arguments are very passive-aggressive. We argue by being extremely nice to each other (I’ll go pick up the kids, you stay home and take a shower/nap. Look what I got from Trader Joe’s – your favorite ice cream bon bons!) but still being pretty mad at each other. Anyways, maybe we get tired of being mad, or maybe we get tired of being really nice to each other but we resolved our argument on Sunday night and celebrated July 4th by borrowing the Wii Fit from a neighbor and having a fun time being goofy.

We also went to a lovely neighborhood 4th of July party. They served Jello shots which were formed in the rind of a lime.


And I got to hold a baby!


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