Back from Portland

We are sitting here awaiting the arrival of Hurricane Irene. While I was working today, I looked outside my office windows at all the huge trees in the backyard and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that none of them will fall on the house during the wind/rain storm.

We are just back from the glorious Northwest! We visited my parents in Portland and Jeremy’s relatives in Seattle and had a wonderful, relaxing time. Due to some scheduling issues, I needed to travel alone with Edda across the country starting from Baltimore with a connection through Phoenix and finally landing in Portland. Throughout our travels through airports, jet ways, and security lines, I always asked for help from the nearest person when I needed an extra pair of hands. No one turned me down, no one looked at me strangely, all six different people I asked stepped right up and held Edda by her shoulders while I folded her wheelchair, looked for her shoes and/or went to the airplane bathroom. Humanity can be really wonderful.

Jeremy, Edda and Vince in front of Mt. Rainier!


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  1. Humanity is wonderful but I also think you and Jeremy are just simply the most amazing parents.I think karma is real. When Vince and Jeremy were here it was so nice. Vince is so smart and funny and just plain happy. Jeremy is so patient and loving and calm with him. I was never that good when Josh was little. They were wonderful to watch and be around. I miss them.

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