First day of school –

First day of school!  Jeremy is traveling and Denise is only working a few days this week, so Katherine, my wonderful mother-in-law is in the house helping us get ready and get going for the first week of school.  Edda is still going to her school-commuity based program – she has a new teacher this year (a last minute change) who not only has taught for the past 5 years or so in the county’s program for kids with the most severe disabilities, she’s also worked (in the past) as an inclusion counselor for Edda’s summer camp!  I’m looking forward to a great year.  Edda’s two former teachers are still in the building –  the special needs program at Edda’s school is expanding.  It was nice to go to the open house and see all the familiar faces.

Katherine plaiting Edda’s hair for the first day – gotta look good!


Vince is also all gung-ho for 4th grade.  It’s a big year. Forget about math and science.  Forget about reading and field trips – apparently it is an auspicious grade for meeting girls (!).


And last, but not least, I started taking classes myself! I’m going to try and work my way to an RN degree. Really, it’s because I love being in school and want to keep learning. On the first day, I learned that boat shoes are back in style.


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  1. RN School. WOW. You are an amazing woman. Brings to mind that song "fry it up in a pan……cause I'm a woman" You go girl.

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