Sloth vs Activity

I have found that happiness is just finding the right mixture of sloth vs activity. Too much sloth – usually sleeping and surfing the web too much and I’m cranky and the house is dirty. Too much activity and I feel stressed and overwhelmed. This past weekend was sliding into too much sloth, so I had to find some projects to keep me occupied. I decided to fix the bathroom door which was slowly becoming unhinged.

Wood glue and matchsticks.


Stuff sticky matchsticks into stripped screw holes.


Have crazy dog try to pull matchsticks out of said stripped screw holes.


Yell at dog.


One thought on “Sloth vs Activity”

  1. Yes, everything has to have balance to synchronize the body clock. Enough time sleep is the most important of all. That is why the old people are so rigid to go to bed early and get up early.

    Using bamboo chopstick to plug the screw holes are working well for me.

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