Life at Haiyang, Shandong, China

Pictures to share:

1) Mom caught a big Jelly Fish. Of course, it ended up in our dinner table.
2) Mom on a beach in front of our expat village along the Yellow Sea. The stick is, just in case, to chase away a lot of guard dogs probably with rabbit but no rabbit shot. Those guard dogs are used for guarding numerous fish ponds behind the beach.
3) My expat village apartments. Mine is about (~1,200 ft*ft, with two bedrooms & two full baths, and solar-powered water heaters are on top) which is on the second floor, first row closed to the gate, on the very right. This gate is guarded 24 hours a day. The guard house to on this side of the gate (not shown). Mom needs to have a pass to get in. But, she has a lot of friends at the gate. She, from time to time, gave away some chocolate candies to them.
4) Our door and kitchen facing the opposite side of the gate.
5) Our living room windows facing the Yellow Sea and the gate. Guard house is at the left.
Well, Mom is heading for Shanghai today. She probably will not be back for a month. But, she left a lot of cooked food in the refrigerator 🙂
ltyl and stay tune …

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