Monument walk.


Vince, Jeremy and I (and the two doggies) did a moonlight, 4-mile monument hike last Saturday night. I had never seen all the monuments and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to do them all in one fell swoop. Also – we would get to see the new MLK monument that just opened a few months ago. We went with the mid-Atlantic hiking club – so there were about 200 other people who showed up to the hike. I was a little worried that Vince would find it a little tiresome (and he did complain after the first monument that his feet hurt), but after a little while, he cheered up and did the rest of the walk without complaint. We had lots of discussions about the different wars (esp. the Korean War) and Maxi freaked out over the soldier sculptures and barked her head off at them.

Vince and Eleanor:

This was the first cold, long walk we’ve done with Maxi and it was pretty clear that she was freezing her little butt off, she doesn’t have the warm undercoat that Ruby has.  We need to get her a doggie sweater.


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