Nightime routine.

Jeremy reads to Vince at night.  Edda is in the same room and usually she is already asleep.  I pick out the books and even though I am in the bed with Edda, I am usually surfing the web or reading my own book – I don’t usually pay attention to the book that the boys are reading, I just like picking them out for them.  Right now the boys are reading Jacob Have I Loved – which is apparently really weird.  There is stuff in there about eternal damnation (Vince had to ask what exactly that was), a 14 year old girl having a crush on an older man and weird sibling/twin stuff going on.  Jeremy asked where I got the idea that we should book and I said that it was a Newbery Medal winner and that it takes place in MD on the Chesapeake Bay.  What could be better than that?  Anyways – it’s weird.


Poor Edda, she is suffering from chapped skin from mouthing her hand in the winter.  I try and combat it with a slathering of petroleum jelly at night to heal the skin.


6 thoughts on “Nightime routine.”

  1. Petro jelly I think isn't so good but I do believe that olive oil and almond oil are much better. I'm gonna do some research.

  2. Have you also tried Aquaphor? That stuff is incredible. I use it on Caroline's face, dry patches, and horrible diaper rashes. It also works great on chapped lips. Caroline's hand mouthing is causing her to breakout all around her mouth too 🙁

  3. No – haven't tried the Aquaphor. I use the petro jelly just because it'll stay on all night even when she tosses and turns. Maybe I should try the Aquaphor –

  4. Aquaphor works well (we battle eczema in our house), but you might also consider Vanicream. It absorbs into the skin much better and doesn't get clothes and linens all grease-stained.

  5. Alexandra 11 years old Rett had those faces rashes for years until I use the rescue remedy cream. She never got rashes again. Sometime small patches will start around her mouth, if so i will apply the cream right away.It never get bad again. I am sorry that you get different recommendations from us all, but I had to tell you about my experience.
    I love the qualities of your pictures and your family seems very loving with each others, I like that. Good luck.

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