Our 70th Birthday Party

Tonight (Saturday, 1/28/2012), Rena, Jeremy, Doris, Donald and I dined out to celebrate our (Rena & I) 70th birthday. Actually, our 70th birthday happened in November and December last year, respectively.

But, in November last year, we both were in China. Furthermore, last December, Rena was here and I was in China. So, it was a kind of catch-up birthday party for both. For this, Donald flew in from San Francisco specifically for this memorable gathering. And indeed, we enjoyed a lot.
In the morning hours, we also received our iPADs as birthday gift from Doris and Donald with their birthday greeting engraved on it. Really nice and, for us, it is a perfect gift and especially for Mom. She is going away in late February to work on AP1000 (Advanced Nuclear Reactor) Project as a short-term consultant. She needs a new one and this iPAD came just in time.
Vince is quite happy to see uncle Donald also. Edda is becoming very heavy for me to lift her upstairs to take a nap. But, she is as lovely as always.
Happy Chinese New Year to all – year of the Dragon 🙂

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