Sunday night dinner.


We have been having Sunday night dinner with the cousins for more than 4 years now.  It’s amazing to see how big the kids have gotten.  We hosted at our house last Sunday where Jeremy did a roasting cook-off between “organic” chicken and “cruelty-free” chicken.   The results were not disputed,  the organic chicken was more tender and tasted better and the cruelty-free chicken, well, does not taste better and is a little tougher and is more expensive, but that is because presumably it got to run around outside some for some parts of its life. 

My mom came and brought 17 million pieces of assorted clothing that she got on super-duper sale for the kids from TJ Maxx or Ross:


This past weekend, Tilli, our new au pair, arrived from Germany – I do not have a proper photo, but you can see her in the background with the black scarf.  Much to my chagrin, the kids were at their best crazy, shirts were off – lots of yelling, running around the house, and barking from the dogs – there was also spirited demonstration of booty dancing and various other things that I’m sure convinced Tilli that the Martins are indeed CRAZY!



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