Are you famous?


Every year, Jeremy likes to do a little science experiment for Vince’s school. He coordinates with the teachers about what they are learning in science class and comes in and does a PowerPoint presentation and an experiment. This year Jeremy’s topic is “How Grass Helps the Chesapeake Bay”.  Basically, he talked about how plants prevent erosion and run off from getting into the streams and finally into the bay.  Here he is holding a piece of sod.  


Everyone raised their hands to be chosen as a volunteer.  I’ve never seen so many excited future scientists.


Jeremy did the presentation twice – a total of about 120 students. He answered many questions, including my favorite – “Are you famous?” All the kids wrote and illustrated thank you notes for Jeremy and he read each and every one of them. It’s not often you get to see yourself drawn by other kids besides your own, so seeing Vince’s classmates drawings (god, these possessives are killing me) of Jeremy was really enjoyable.  Notice the goatee and the cardigan! And he’s yellow like a Simpson.


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