Edda and outings.


As Edda gets older, getting her out of the house and doing something “fun” gets more and more difficult. Gone are the days we can just tuck her under our arms and go into the moon bounce with her or sledding with her – two of us on a small one-person sled. Edda is a big girl and it’s just hard to maneuver her around this world. There are some weekends where come Sunday night, we realize that she hasn’t been out of the house in 48 hours. I don’t think she minds being inside all the time, I just wish I could get her outside and doing more stuff. Exactly what stuff is always hard to figure out. Edda is not very helpful in finding “fun” things to do outside the house. Edda often looks unhappy being outside, her chapped face buffeted by the (relatively) cold winter air.

This weekend we went to Barnes and Noble for the first time in a while. I told Edda it was this old-fashioned place where stories were actually printed on paper instead of lit on a screen.



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  1. I like how Edda is wearing her valentine coat next to the valentine books.I just want to give her a big ol' kiss.

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