Jeremy’s late!

Jeremy’s home late tonight. Something about giving a talk to members of UCS. Are you not a member of UCS? You can become a member right: here and be invited to listen to Jeremy talk about things he loves like arcane policy minutiae (I think you get dinner too) all in a lovely DC locale. But even if you don’t join and you are reading this blog, it is most likely that you are related to us or are our friends so I’m pretty sure we could convince Jeremy to fire up the PowerPoint right here in our kitchen and give you the whole spiel – we could throw in a beer and some take-out pizza and it would be fun!

Things are chugging along here on the child-care-free zone here. We are managing pretty well, meaning that Jeremy is taking a lot of time off of work and I’ve moved my office to the kitchen to try and oversee the chaos and work at the same time. This results in good things like seeing each other a lot more, but it results in a lot of bad things like burning through vacation/sick time, lots of unfolded laundry and (as my office is right next to the kitchen) a lot of eating. I think I’ve eating a whole block of cheese myself in the last day and a half which has resulted feeling a little bloated and guilty.

Speaking of food treats, Jeremy loves buying Popsicles for the kids even though I find innumerable sticky wrappers all over the house, stuck to doors, carpets and shoes. All the kids in the neighborhood know where to find icy treats in the middle of winter.


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