If you noticed in our Easter photo – there is a young Korean girl standing in the background (appropriately holding up bunny ear fingers!). Se Hyun arrived from Korea on Friday to be our new caregiver and I flew home from Nashville to pick her up. Because the rest of the clan did not get home until Sunday, I had the distinct pleasure of a hosting a very grown-up introduction to DC. We met up with my friend Vickey downtown and ate at the Shake Shack and saw the Botanic Gardens on the most beautiful spring day of the year!



I even pinched the Washington Monument on the steps of the Capitol Building. I have gained a tad bit of weight since I moved my office next to the fridge during our time without childcare. I see it most in my double chin – but maybe it’s always been there – but now that SeHyun is here, I can move my computer back upstairs, where it is far from the kitchen, but dangerously close to the bed. At least naps don’t make me pudgy.


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