Will Be Back in June

I plan to come back to USA permanently in June of this year. Here, at Haiyang, Shandong, China, I have stayed just over a year and I think it is time to be back home and to be with Rena.

Already, I have packed something to be shipped back to USA. And the rest, I will ship them to Chong Ming Island just in case Rena would stay there as a visitor.
I am debating whether should pay a visit to my home town, Xiamen, before leaving. But, probably not this time. May be, I can visit that place together again with Rena in August or September of this year.
Weather-wise, Haiyang is a nice place to be in Summer. In Winter, isn’t that bad either. Other than that, construction is everywhere just to get ready for the 2012 Asian Beach Games. Therefore, rows of virtually empty apartment blocks everywhere too. Don’t understand where is the construction money coming from and don’t quite comprehend where and/or when the people will occupy all these apartments.
Haiyang is a small town in China. But, I have already witnessed two worse traffic accidents in my life. One victim was burned into charcoal on the road and still burning. The other, his head was split into half almost. Gruesome beyond descriptions indeed! One can imagine how bad their driving habits are. Driving here is an art indeed. Parking is impossible too.

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