Breezy point.

Jeremy and Se Hyun went with Vince’s fourth grade class to Breezy Point – part of the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay, to see for themselves what the Bay is like. They’ve been doing lots of science and history lessons about the Bay – so today they got to see catch fish and learn about crabs. They got to hunt for shark teeth in the sand. It has been rainy all week, but it was beautiful today!
Jeremy manned that crabbing station during the afternoon. Here he poses with his pal – “Crabby”. (The girl’s name is not Crabby – it’s the crab’s name).


Here’s Vince seining. I asked him what he caught and he said he got some rocks.


Vince, of course, got in trouble for actually swimming in the Bay (you were only suppose to go in knee deep).


Go Dragons!


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