Back from the Southwest.

We are back from our trip to the Southwest. I want to give ourselves a huge pat on the back for our traveling excursions. It is not easy to travel with the limitations that Edda places on our speed and dexterity, but we did it. It’s pretty much true, everywhere we go, people look at us with curiosity and concern and we are never sure if Edda is going to enjoy the Rim Walk of the Grand Canyon (which we drove eleventy hours to get to) and we don’t know if Edda is going to have a poopy diaper in the most inconvenient of places (I think it really is during the airplane flight), but we do it!  And for the most part, it was really lovely. And I’m so proud of ourselves, especially Edda, who is such a trooper and only insisted a few times that she would rather be home watching Hi-5.  Here’s Edda squeezing through the little doors in Chaco Canyon!


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