4000th post and 10th year!

So it’s been exactly 10 years since I started this blog. Happy anniversary! And just coincidentally, it is also my 4000th post. Thank you for following along (all 10 of you!)- I have only one faithful comment-er (thank you Sherah), I have no idea who reads (I think all the grandparents still read, although I’m not entirely sure).  When I started, Blogger did not even exist yet, we had a clunky digital camera that ran out of batteries every 5 photos, I wrote my own HTML code. I know I’m not as faithful with posting everyday as I once was, but I don’t think I do too shabby – I think I usually don’t let more than a week go by without posting.  This blog is mainly for me.  To practice photographing, to practice writing and also a place to remember things about my life because I forget everything that I don’t write down now.


Jeremy and I celebrated the blog milestone by going to Ben and Jerry’s last night and getting the cutest ice cream cake and then eating it all right there in the store. I’m glad we celebrated last night, because today, I did not have a super fun day.

We came home after our date night, Edda was asleep, Vince was awake. SeHyun mentioned that she thought something was wrong with Edda’s arm, that it seemed to hurt her when she was getting her dressed in her pajamas. Since she was asleep, we decided to let her be, but this morning confirmed SeHyun’s observations, so Edda and I spent the day in the ER, getting x-rayed and confirming that Edda’s wrist is broken.


Of course, no one can figure out when this happened, no falls reported at camp or at home. Maybe it’s been like this all week and that is why she was pissed from 4-7 everyday? I have no idea. All I know is that I feel sick to my stomach that she was hurt and I didn’t notice. It’s been a long week. Anyways, it’s a minor, simple break, should heal nicely. We got a temporary splint on today at the ER and will see the ortho on Monday for a cast.

See if you can spot the fracture. I could and I find it funny that in the X-ray room, I looked at the images and said “ah, it’s broken” and the tech (who isn’t really allowed to tell you any diagnosis) were like oh yeah, it is broken, but in the middle of that sentence, he changed directions and said, oh the doctor will let you know.

Edda's wrist 1

Edda's wrist 2

4 thoughts on “4000th post and 10th year!”

  1. I'm still here reading, ever since we did a swap years ago, (secret pal maybe? I can't remember) I always keep up! Just found out my sons wrist is fractured 2 days ago although he was able to tell us it hurt I thought it was just sore. It didn't get better so we went in and found out. Hope she gets better quick!

  2. Poor thing. I can't see it. Can you take a pix and point at it? Josh broke his awrist nd I refused to take him to the er because A)I told him riding his bike that fast was a bad idea and it was Saturday eve before Easter B)it would have been unable to show up on xray due to swelling for a few days anyway. So, your waiting whether on purpose or not was probably the best thing anyway. Saved you two trips to er. Sorry it happened though.

  3. Hattie! you are still here 🙂 Not much knitting going on in these parts these days. I have heard so many stories of kids who break arms and wrists and it goes untreated for a few days or even a week! Makes this guilty mom feel a little better 😉

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