Edda not well.


Edda is still not well. I have been kind of a bad mom, just hoping that this was a phase that she was going through, maybe a stomach thing that would clear up on its own. But it ain’t happening. Last night, Edda cried all through family Sunday night dinner – where everyone remarked how they’ve never seen Edda so unhappy. Today – she cried at camp all morning – they try really hard not to call the parents to come pick up a fussy kid, but Edda just wore them out.

I took her (finally) to the pediatrician, where her ear kind of looked a little red and her throat looked also a little red, but the strep test came back negative. But I think just to do something, we put her on a ten-day course of antibiotics (which I’m sure is not going to clear this up). We are going to see the dentist tomorrow to make sure her teeth look OK and not causing her pain either.

So it’s been a little stressful around here – all of us feel sad looking at Edda being sad.

On a more cheerful note, Jeremy is growing out his beard. I keep saying he look like George Clooney 😉

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