Working on things that I don’t usually work on.

I started my one class this week – on my way to finishing the prerequisites for nursing school one course at a time. Jeremy laughs at me and finds it funny that I don’t try and petition my way out of some of these courses. Of course, I could start nursing school earlier, but I’m in no real rush.  I’m hoping to matriculate in the Spring of 2014 and then go for five years, so the finish date is 2019 which is a long time away.  For example, they wanted me to have a chemistry class within the past 5 years – it has been over 15 years since I’ve taken a chemistry class, but since I look at chemistry patents all day, every day, I will petition out of that particular class.

This summer I’m taking a statistics course which, of course, is all very familiar – but, you know, I can’t do all the calculations without looking up the formulas and hunting around a little bit in my old math books.  Which counts (at least for me) not really knowing the math because I can’t just whip it out on the back of a napkin.  Unfortunately, having gone to a high-powered college and graduate school, I just feel so stupid at math. I mean, if you take the whole general population, I’m probably up there in terms of math ability, but I did not end up going to school with the general population, I was going to school with people who were really, really, really good at math – so, you know, I’m a little self-conscious about my math ability. A little review (even with relatively simple math concepts) makes me feel good. Also, it just makes me feel good that math problems have only one right answer, which so rarely happens in real life where there are never any right answers.

I am also slated to give the service at church this Sunday. I’m a little nervous about the public speaking, but I’m trying to stretch myself a little in various directions. Below is a photo of the tree that was blocking the church’s driveway last week.


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