A Short Trip North

Last Wednesday (8/15), Rena and I took a short trip north to Bellingham, WA.  A classmate of ours has a summer home there.  Bellingham is a nice small town.  The only problem, we see, is that is at north of Seattle.  To get to the SeaTac Airport at Takoma, south of Seattle, is really a nightmare.  Due to its geographic situations, the traffic of Seattle is really bad, especially on the north-south run.  To get to the Vancouver, Canada airport is much closer.  But, due the border crossing, it isn’t easy either.

Anyway, Rena and I had a wonderful time there with our classmate.  On the way back, we visited another classmate in Seattle.  He and his wife are crazy about Peking Opera.  It was fun of visiting them and sat on the basement sofa to listen and watch their Peking Opera session.   They do it almost every week we were told.

After listening for several hours, we headed back home at Washougal, WA.  We arrived about 10:00 PM.  It was fun.

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