Computers dying – iPhone photos only.

So our IT infrastructure in the house is falling apart. All the computers are dying a slow death – viruses invade, children and guests download odd apps onto hard drives – someone drops a gob of jelly onto the keyboard rendering the “K” key permanently stuck. So I haven’t been able to download my regular camera photos. So iPhone photos will have to do. (I know, tragic).


Jeremy has been reading “Little Women” to Vince. Vince does not really like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson stories. He and Jeremy both enjoy kind-of old fashioned stories that don’t have much to do with magic or demons. They both loved The Penderwicks, Swiss Family Robinson and The Wind in the Willows. I was the one who suggested “Little Women” – Jeremy hadn’t read it either. I couldn’t believe it, Jo, Beth, Meg and Amy, where have you been all of Jeremy’s life!

I did have a hard copy, buy Jeremy found it free for the iPad, so he downloaded it and is reading it nightly (except for this week, the Olympics are on, so reading time is short). I was a little worried they wouldn’t finish it as the 2nd chapter in – Vince asked, “So when does something happen?”, but I think something did happen and they are enjoying the book together.


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