Parties –

Our house is so quiet tonight. SeHyun, our sitter, is on vacation until tomorrow. We had been hosting an Israeli counselor for Edda and Vince’s camp for the past month, which was really nice, and she left for home today. And Vince left to visit Jeremy’s parents today – so it is just the three of us tonight (Jeremy, me and Edda) and, of course, the two dogs. Even though the house is relatively unoccupied, we are still busy today.


After dropping Vince off at BWI airport, we went to a party in Baltimore. It’s not always easy bringing Edda to a party – I really only tangentially know the host (he’s Jeremy’s former co-worker) so I didn’t know anyone there and no one knew us – but we settled Edda in the middle of the backyard with her little TV and a plate of chicken and we had a grand time – met lots of people, including many people who were astronomers – which was interesting to me.  We were the first to leave when Edda decided that she had had enough.  I have come to adjust my expectations when going to these social events with Edda, I thought we’d be lucky to last an hour or two, but we made it from about 3:30 to 7 pm, which is not bad.

It was the lawn Olympics – we (grown ups) had a balloon toss, an egg run, bocce ball. Mini-golf. All good fun.


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