Working out the bugs.

We are enjoying watching the Olympic Games – I had briefly thought that we should get cable for the month to get the live streaming, but in the end, broadcast NBC is good enough (both lazy and cheap) – all the Olympics that I can use. Jeremy and I were amusing ourselves in coming up with new Olympic sports that we could actually compete in, like “Middle-aged married bickering” or “Cutest muffin-top” or “Leaving cabinet doors open / leaving lights on / scattering wet towels all over the floor triathlon” – all good events that I think we’d do well in.

It has been a stressful summer, Edda has had many, many evenings spent like:


Crying, crying, crying, big unhappy tears. We’ve gone to many doctors and no firm conclusion about her unhappiness. Aside from Edda’s unhappiness herself, there is only so much unexplained crying that a person can take without losing her mind, so I’ve spent the summer slightly bonkers – but I think (knock on wood, keep fingers crossed) that we may be coming out of this summer funk. It’s been great just hearing her laugh again at her silly Dora videos that she’s seen ten million times.

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