Hong Kong

Rena and I have been in Hong Kong since September 26th, 2012.  We are here to celebrate the 80th birthday of Rena’s elder sister.  Besides us, there are a lot of their other relatives coming here from everywhere.  Logistics, I believe, is a big challenge for every one, especially for the hosts.

I can’t believe that we eat-out three meals a day – for breakfast, lunch and dinner, all the time and almost every day.  Sometimes, I simply sat there and was mindful of not eating too much.  Of course, food here is delicious and price is not that economical also.

Since Mom ranks pretty senior in her family, of course and according to Chinese tradition, all small ones in her family receive a red envelop from her.

I am heading back to USA on October 3rd, 2012 and ready to work at San Jose, CA starting October 8th, 2012.  Mom will stay on in Hong Kong and China for a while.

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