In the past few days, I have repaired a broken window, shampooed three extremely smelly (and relatively remorse) dogs, replaced a wax ring on a toilet that was flooding semi-sewage water in one of our bathrooms and cut a hole in the ceiling of our living room through which I stuck my head which resulted in dirt smudge on my cheek which my neighbor saw and asked if my head was OK to which I responded that I was cutting holes in my house that I was not sure if I could repair. And yet, I am in a pretty good mood. I credit it all to the weather and the fact that nothing is really acutely wrong. We are all healthy and have each other and I am extremely grateful. Edda did cry and cry last Monday, but she has been unusually cheerful (or back to her usual cheerfulness) for the rest of the week and weekend, it was like a little miracle for me – having the good old Edda back. Life can be full of frustrations and unhappiness and sadness and I live everyday to try again to find the goodness and tenderness and comedy (which is always bubbling up to the surface), even elbow-deep in the guts of a broken toilet.

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