Recovering from a terrible haircut.

I can’t believe we paid someone to give Edda a haircut that makes her look a little like a Romulan. So this weekend, even though it’s not quite completely grown out yet, I took a pair of scissors to her head in a desperate attempt to make it more Dora-like.


Better, huh? (Please ignore food-stained shirt on Edda. I was cutting her damn hair! Who needs a clean shirt for a hair cut?)

I am a little at a loss about what to do with Edda these days – her mood is back to normal – but she really resists doing anything else besides watching TV and if you ask me what else she is interested in besides watching TV, I would have to give you a big – well, I dunno. I have these various ideas, swimming, adaptive soccer, etc, but frankly, it requires so much effort from me! And I’m inherently lazy and Edda is almost 80 pounds and is much, much harder to handle than when she was 40 lbs.

So then I had a different idea – that Edda needed to be busy with me! So this weekend, we took apart the basement fireplace to show that – indeed, there is no insulation in the shaft which is why it it pouring in cold air every winter.


3 thoughts on “Recovering from a terrible haircut.”

  1. I love your solution for not knowing what is up with your kid, taking apart the fireplace. I can barely get myself to clean mine! Only an engineer could come up with that one. That picture proves you are super mom.

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