When I first started working from home (3 years ago now), I started cooking dinner so that the family would be ready to eat the within 15 minutes of Jeremy walking in the door. I’m not the natural cook in the house, everything I learned, I learned from watching Jeremy cook. I tend to wander over into fish stick territory – easy prep, easy cleanup (especially if you line the cookie sheet with tin foil). Anyways I was cooking, cooking and cooking three years ago and I asked Jeremy if he was pleased that he got to eat as soon as he walked in the door. Jeremy replied that although he did enjoy my food, as far as he was concerned, cooking was something that *he* loved doing, so I was really doing him no favor by cooking every night because I was depriving him of something that he really enjoyed.

So then I got a little huffy and I stopped cooking dinners. For like 2.5 years. If I needed to cook dinners, I would make my world famous fish sticks and tater tots. It got so bad that Vince was concerned whenever Jeremy went on a business trip that I would be unable to feed the family. I can’t believe our little petty argument went on for 2.5 years – I am not usually one to hold a grudge, but apparently I can do it for years. Jeremy likes rotating favorites and I like making new recipes and cooking it only once, so without me cooking, Jeremy thought we were only eating like 4 kinds of dinners on the weeknights – it was getting a little boring.

So now I cook 2-3 nights a week – last night I made a vegetarian meal (at least for the grown ups) – spinach, beets, potatoes, carrots, pecans, goat cheese and a fried egg. Yummy!


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