Holiday season

I forget every year that I am the Scrooge every year. Jeremy privately pulled Vince aside last night and told him to give me some slack because I don’t like Christmas and that I get grouchy this time of year. Every year, I try to be cheerful and often fail. Yes, there are many things that I am thankful for, but at the end of the year, I always think about the people I miss, the relationships that are not perfect, the goals that I haven’t met, etc. etc.

Should I start a gratitude journal? Maybe – we’ll see.

OK, so I have a gratitude. After years of not falling, Edda fell twice flat backwards in the past few days – once on Saturday (in front of a house full of guests) and once yesterday at school. I am grateful that Edda seems fine, although the spot where she always hits is permanently hairless. I am grateful that she had her helmet on for one of the falls, and I am grateful that I can go and afford to buy another stronger helmet if I think I need to. (OK – this grateful entry is still a little scrooge-like. i can’t help it.)


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