4 am

Yesterday at 4 am, Edda and I were already on our 2nd round of clean sheets and pajamas for the night when I heard the sounds of the 3rd round of impending puke. I thought this time I would be clever and guide her in our sleepy stupor to the toilet in the next room and then we wouldn’t have to clean anything. After a few minutes of complaining and no puke coming out of Edda, I decided that he had already puked out her guts in the last 2 vomiting sessions and we should just head to bed. Two steps into her bedroom, 2 steps from the easily cleanable, easily wipe-able tile floor of the bathroom, Edda lets loose the last third of her dinner last night onto the white carpeting. What is it about white carpeting that attracts all sorts of crazy ass stains. At least the sheets were still clean. So it has been a long night. But at least we saw Santa this weekend!


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