Anatomy and Physiolgy – continues to kick my butt.

Can I just say how grueling this class is? My final is tomorrow – not cumulative. Thank goodness! For example: here is a post it note of some of the anatomy that I have to memorize:


Not too bad huh? Until you realize that it is one of one thousand post-it notes.


And that is the easy half, there is the physiology, which is what all this stuff does. How the cerebral spinal fluid moves around, the functions of all 12 cranial nerves, how we hear/smell/taste and see. This is the class that is kind of making me doubt my ability to multi-task – I mean I’m really good at not wasting time, but this is kind of ridiculous.

This is lecturing in the modern era – a prof talking about the ventricles in the brain and 17 people with their phones out taking video of the lecture.


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