Did I mention I’m assistant coaching Vince’s basketball team? Did I mention that I have no idea what a short forward does? Or a guard? Or a center? I have all these basketball enthusiasts around me telling me that we have to “pick and roll” or “teach the fundamentals” and I’m at a loss. So I went to the local high school (with my running pal and head coach Christine)and watched an early evening basketball (JV) game and talked to some of the dads of the players. They also mentioned the “pick” and the “fundamentals”. As in “OMG!  Did you see that?  That was the perfect pick!”  I thought to myself “?. You are not really helping me people.”  Anyways I’m very lucky to have a head coach who loves coaching and also doesn’t really know basketball. We are having a good time.


Also, last night we were confused. When people tell you that Hanukkah ends on Sunday, it means that it really ends Saturday night. So only 7 candles were lit on the 8th night.


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  1. D- I've been in Eats Texas dealing with my dad's health issues. So justnow catching up on your blog. NO MORE COKES for VINCE. Puhleeze. That stuff seriously eats redmeat when it has been placed into it. But I do love that burning feeling of the first taste. Nursing school. Hmmm,why are you going to do that have you asked yourself that question? I loved all the nurses in my dads hospital but I've known many over the years. It is a brutally, hard physical job. Sort off along the lines of teching jr high. I just don't want you to wear your self out. Interesting because there were so many male nurses in my dads care. Pretty funny for me to watch an old redneck cowboy have to get a care from a nurse when he was looking forward to a "filly". AAAAAGH!!

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