Daily life

I’ve already had a great run this morning – if nothing else gets done today, at least I ran!

We did send Edda to school yesterday, she slept well and no puking and seem to be happy and enthusiastic in the morning. But she was sleepy most of the day and slept a lot at school. SeHyun was debating whether she should take Edda to OT based on Edda’s day at school, but they went and it was OK which was good.  I do get sad if Edda has to miss OT for any reason, Deb and Edda have a nice interaction together that is an important part of Edda’s week.

I got Vince’s student violin repaired yesterday – it is not a very old violin, so with the weather change, the violin warped a little bit, bringing the E string within half a millimeter of the fingerboard. I have to admit that I though Vince had tossed the violin a little too violently (oops, I mean enthusiastically) and broke something. But no, it’s totally the violin’s fault. I loved the violin shop, totally a mess, unstrung instruments everywhere, the proprietor a funny Chinese man who is kind and goofy at the same time – showing me violins he’s making which he’s selling for $38,000 which in the violin world is pretty apparently a pretty reasonable price!


Vince is suppose to upgrade to a full size violin next year and the kind gentleman at the repair shop was trying to tell me that Vince is going to practice more on a better sounding violin. I’m a little skeptical about that hypothesis, I don’t think owning a Strad will make Vince practice all day – I’m not sure Vince is yet out-performing his student mass-made violin.

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