My running partner’s daughter was performing in her ballet school’s Nutcracker on Friday night. I have not seen the Nut in many years, so I was looking forward to this production. I made Vince go and he did complain until I mentioned three of his male friends would be there that night as well.  Then things got a little perky.  My friend’s daughter is in middle school and even though she hasn’t been dancing at this high of a level for very long, she had a few solos and looked absolutely beautiful and graceful. I was so proud of her and happy for her hard work and we deluged her with flowers and only momentarily had the fleeting sinking feeling about Edda never being able to dance. I have been very good at keeping these thoughts away this season shoving them into the corner of my heart and enjoying the season and being thankful for all the good luck and fortune we have.


The last time I went to see the Nut, I bought a Clara ornament which was beautiful. Tall with a full pink dress, it was one of the largest in our collection. We hung it too low on the tree and now the evil devil grinch dog has destroyed it.


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