Doing it for the kids.


My running partner, Christine, roped me into coaching 5th grade basketball with her. We know nothing about basketball – pick and roll, layup, full court press? – all a mystery and it showed against our very first opponents who creamed us 42-6. Ugh. That was not a fun hour.

But our second game, we were more evenly matched, kept the score pretty close for three quarters – but in the end lost 24-12. But all the boys played well and are having fun. Which I guess what it is all about.

Christine travels a lot for work – and she is a great head coach – but she’s gone for the next two practices and Saturday game. So I’m on my own. Wish me luck!

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  1. Hey Coach D. I highly recommend watching the Jason Otter Videos on You Tube. He's an NBA trainer and they are pretty good source for drills etc.

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