It is frigid outside today (finally!). Glad it wasn’t yesterday – Jeremy drove (car) / rode (bike) / walked (feet) downtown to Obama’s inauguration yesterday. Four years have passed so quickly. Jeremy managed to get a ticket from a friend, so that was exciting to be closer to the president (as opposed to four years ago, when he was probably a good 1/2 mile away from the podium), but as you can see, there was not that much to see from his vantage point. Oh, I think the above photo was the line.

inaug 2

Here’s the real vantage point.

inaug 1

Look! There’s Beyonce! OK – just kidding.

2 thoughts on “Inauguration”

  1. Last time I was more than 1.5 miles away, but actually had a better view (of the jumbotron). Anyway, it is fun to be out there, and the only time I ride my bike that far. One 20+ mile ride every 4 years…

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