Early waker.


Edda was up at 4:30 this morning. Usually Jeremy is here to coax her back to sleep, but he’s not here so I tried to coax her back to sleep. But by the time I got to her bed, she was already so happy to start her day that it was futile for anybody to go back to sleep. And since Jeremy is gone, the dogs (who sleep with us) start wondering what the heck is going on at 4:30 in the morning, since no one is left in the master bedroom. They start roaming the house or asking to be let out of the crate and start asking for breakfast. Vince hears all the racket and gets up to pee (which I can hear, that boy can pee for a long time, so long that I started to wonder if maybe a water faucet broke in the bathroom) and then can’t go back to sleep.

At least I have a moment to give Edda a much needed shower.

Walking the dogs.

One of Vince’s chores is to feed the dogs dinner and take them out to pee. It might be the only one he does reliably because the dogs bark their heads off until he does it. And I can figure out if he didn’t take them out to pee if I find a pee spot somewhere in the house later in the afternoon. I try and encourage him to take the dogs out one at a time – but he likes to be efficient. This day, I saw him take all three dogs (which includes Boba who is spending a few days with us) out and our neighbor walked their dog, Lizzie, down the sidewalk and I watched the three dogs pull Vincent (who was trying very hard to keep them on our property) down the sidewalk to greet their friend.


Edda’s IEP


We had Edda’s IEP meeting yesterday – I do love Edda’s team, especially her teacher who is so energetic and organized. Edda has to do standardized testing this year – which is an incredible amount of work for her teachers and aides and they are done! We are all very excited (probably no one more than Edda). 

I think we are going to start sending Edda’s iPad into school with her were the Proloquo2Go software for her class to use.  I’m not sure how much Edda will be able to access the communication software because she can’t use her hands that well, but maybe someone in her class can and maybe that’ll encourage Edda to try and use her hands on the iPad.  Anyways, the school system hasn’t approved the use of (school purchased) iPads in classrooms because they are not dedicated communication devices- which I thought meant that no iPads could be used at all, even personal ones, but I guess that isn’t true – they would LOVE to use Edda’s iPad during class.  At the very least, everyone could take a break and play Angry Birds.

Chugging along.

I’m feeling a little off yesterday – so I slept in until 6:15 this morning and I still feel a little crappy right now. I think I’m still healthy enough to run 3 miles right now, but something feels a little wrong so I’m hoping that it will just go away in a little while.

I’m trying to cook 2-3 night a week and that usually means that I have at least 1 slow cooker night, which always has a 50/50 chance of coming out weird. Usually I err on the side of too much liquid, which was true this week (a chicken/sweet potato stew which we had on Tuesday) so on Wed, I turned it into a soup. Except I forgot the gaskets on the blender.So I had soup all over the kitchen counter.  Today is Thursday, we still may be eating the soup.


My triumphant orchid – I finally (after 2 years) got one of my seven orchids to respike and rebloom. I consider myself an expert now.   I should not get more orchids, they do try my patience.