Chugging along.

I’m feeling a little off yesterday – so I slept in until 6:15 this morning and I still feel a little crappy right now. I think I’m still healthy enough to run 3 miles right now, but something feels a little wrong so I’m hoping that it will just go away in a little while.

I’m trying to cook 2-3 night a week and that usually means that I have at least 1 slow cooker night, which always has a 50/50 chance of coming out weird. Usually I err on the side of too much liquid, which was true this week (a chicken/sweet potato stew which we had on Tuesday) so on Wed, I turned it into a soup. Except I forgot the gaskets on the blender.So I had soup all over the kitchen counter.  Today is Thursday, we still may be eating the soup.


My triumphant orchid – I finally (after 2 years) got one of my seven orchids to respike and rebloom. I consider myself an expert now.   I should not get more orchids, they do try my patience.


2 thoughts on “Chugging along.”

  1. Here's what I know about cooking in the crock from my grandma. When it's a roast or cheap piece of cow then only add water halfway, don't cover the meat or it gets tough and periodically baste. Chicken with bones not so great as the bones get really mushy but chicken sans bones good. Carrots sweeten all so add last hour of cooktime. This from Emma Jean's kitchen.

  2. yeah – i do think i add too much water because i have the urge to cover the meat. I think I need only like 2 inches of water. I want to be a slow cooker queen!

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