Back in the groove – almost.

This is the week after spring break, it’s actually a short week for everyone. Last week, Jeremy and Vince went to Kiki’s house in New Mexico to help put mud on the walls. It’s been planned for so long, this house, this week of mudding. Jeremy’s brother Ben and nephew Felix traveled all the way from Sweden to participate. Three generations all together putting mud with their own hands onto the walls of this house. From reports from Jeremy, they worked long days and ate well and the kids had a great time. Vince was not allowed to bring electronics of any sort (which if you know him, really cripples his sources of entertainment, but it almost didn’t matter anyway – there’s no cell coverage or wi-fi where they were going to be) and I was a little worried about him getting bored or fighting with Felix. Luckily, none of these worries came to pass, Vince and Felix got along great and they basically played in the mud for nine hours each day. I guess making mud pies, getting mud on each other, etc. I got to see photos of the house, of the kids playing together.


2 thoughts on “Back in the groove – almost.”

  1. It was so fun and you were and Edda were so missed. Jeremy and Ben are really great dads. It was so nice to experience them with their boys. Felix is hilarous. I kept asking him questions just so I could get him to talk and hear his accent. Super smart kid. As Scott's dad said to Scott's mom, "give him lots of love and keep him on our side". Vince. Well Vince is truly an angel. I think you'd better dress him in in all white like they used to do in the "old country" as my czech grandma used to say so that God would confuse him with an angel and never take him away. I really miss him.

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